About Us

cattery_simba_alexaMy name is Alexa Stewart and I am the Chief Cat Cuddler at The Wee Farm Cattery! This is my business and my dream job which I am very fortunate to have created on my little farm.  I don’t employ any staff as I prefer to be prime cat carer, cuddler … and cleaner!  This means that all my guests get to know me well and trust me quickly.

My daughter, Alison, acts as assistant cat cuddler when required and runs the cattery if I ever feel the need for a break.  Together we have a huge passion for all animals and do our best to rescue any waifs and strays needing a loving home.  At the moment our selection of pets is 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 sheep, chickens, 1 cockerel and a goose!

cattery-rocco-cuddleI rescued my first kitten when I was 18.  He was about 7 weeks old, a tubby little tabby with a short pointy tail who was completely adorable.  I named him Tigger as he bounced around everywhere and he lived with us until he passed away, aged 20.

When we moved to our farm in 2005 we immediately adopted 2 kittens (brothers Jasper and Simba), who were very cheeky but much loved.  Within 2 months of their arrival we were asked to rescue a stray cat who was living between several houses but without his own permanent home.  We of course took him in, named him Felix and the 3 of them very quickly became firm friends.

cattery-catladyThe brothers are now 13 years old and still enjoy living the country life chasing rabbits and catching mice for gifts!  Felix sadly passed away suddenly last year but we have since adopted a big fluffy boy called Teddy.

We also love living on our little farm just outside Gilmourton, 4 miles west of Strathaven, and we have designed this cattery to be welcoming, cosy, accommodating and the quality of establishment we would choose to leave our own, much adored cats in.  We firmly believe that all pets deserve a comfortable, warm and loving home-from-home when they cannot be in their own home, whatever the reason.

Here are a few photos of our pets …