Our cattery has been designed to stay warm in winter and cool in summer so that our guests are always comfortable and never too hot or cold.

Each heated room has been furnished with fresh, comfortable cat beds, cushions and vet fleece plus a ‘cat cuddling chair’ for us to sit on to spend time with/ play/ groom/ massage each guest.  The soft furnishings get a little skoosh of Catnip spray just before each guest arrives to make their bedroom smell delicious.

We offer a large range of wet & dry foods and treats (kitten, adult & senior) but if your cat is particularly fussy or is on a prescribed diet we suggest you bring your own food with you.  We are happy to cook/ chill/ freeze/prepare any fresh foods you bring.

On the west side of the building our residents have HTV (hen tv!) and on the east side they have PTV (pheasant tv!) for their amusement.

We have selected a variety of cat toys, puzzles, scratching posts and play tunnels to encourage playtimes and alleviate boredom and we leave the radio on all day so they can purr along to the tunes!  We have hung a ticking clock in each room for comfort at night when all is quiet plus there are night lights in the corridor so its not completely dark.

Our purpose built, insulated and heated cattery consists of 12 individual rooms with 10 rooms accommodating up to 2 cats and a further 2 rooms accommodating up to 5 cats …. the extra long corridor is ideal at playtime for offering the cats a ball to chase if they fancy some exercise.

cattery-corridorPlease be assured that cats will not be permitted to ‘mingle’ with cats from outside their family and neither will they be able to see their neighbours.

The 2 larger rooms (2m x 1.9m) have their own private outdoor roofed space (2m x 1.7m), accessed via a cat flap, for up to 5 members of the same family to enjoy playing/ lounging in the fresh air.

The 10 smaller rooms are 1.5m x 1.9m which allows plenty room for 2 cats from the same family to reside together.

Five of these rooms also have their own private outdoor roofed areas (1.5m x 1.7m) accessed via a cat flap and the remaining 5 rooms have an opening window secured with a wire box and a deep windowsill to allow the cats access to fresh air and views of the surrounding countryside.

We do have 1 extra roofed outdoor area (1.75m x 2m) located at the end of the buiding for those cats who are residing in the rooms without outdoor space so they can get ‘outside’ if their owners wish.